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Insurance Premium Tax


Insurance Premium Tax is the tax on different insurance premiums. It is also called as IPT. This insurance tax is belonged to the insurers and insurance companies all these taxes about Insurance Premium. Insurance Premium Tax is the tax which is calculated as the amount on the receivable payment in …

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Insurance Patent


Insurance patent are some patents laws, which a person obtained to use of an invention or improvement in any insurance policy. Some people purchased patent to own the patent which are issued by government. Usually people purchased this without the permission of owner of patent by a license and contract. …

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Insurance Claims


Insurance Claims Insurance Claims is a payment benefit of insurance which is equal to the product paid for and requested by insured to insurance company. The insurance company reviewed the insurance claims and then paid to insured, if it proved. While this insurance claim may be filled by insured with …

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Insurance Deductible


Insurance Deductible Insurance Deductible is a specific amount of expenses that is owe for your insurance policy and it paid out of pocket by policyholder, but it is expect the other costs which will be covered by insurance company. It also can use to reduce the amount to taxable income.

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Insurance Auto Auctions


Insurance Auto Auctions Insurance Auto auctions is a process of selling used and new vehicles ,the system which is used for  this process is called “Auction System“. Although Most countries and nation are using this  protected system but it is not common in use.Specific countries which are using this system  …

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